Automatic Car Washes Can Cause Damage To Your Car



Detailz Auto Spa of Naples wants to protect your investment. We’ve all done it but, did you know that automatic car washes can cause damage to your vehicle? It’s true! Start by asking yourself what happens to the dirt that is pulled off the car in front of you by those rotating brushes or flaps of hard towels as they hit your vehicle. That’s right…..your vehicle was just washed using dirty brushes. As a kid it is fun to go through the car wash, but when you look at your vehicle’s paint after using one of these contraptions, you will not find it so amusing. Did we mention that we offer hand wash services for about the same price? Below are just some of the problems and damage caused by automatic car washes.

Fine Swirls & Spider Webbing In Paint
Dirty bristles accumulated from other dirty cars spin at extremely high revolutions onto your paint, resulting in fine scratches in your paint. Then, dirty drying materials, incorrect drying methods, and damaging towels are used to ruin your finish to the max.

Water Spots In Paint
You drive away from the car wash, only to have water fly out of crevices, never to be dried by towels. Over time this water dries into your paint, eventually leaving mineral deposits that can etch into your paint, causing permanent damage.

Deep Scratches
Those dirty bristles can be carrying large dirt particles which are large enough to leave deep scratches in your paint. The same dirty towels used to clean the wheels of the car before yours is introduced to your car’s paint, release large solid particles that will leave deep scratches.
Automotive Trim Stains And Damage
Harsh chemicals can stain your delicate rubber and plastic trims, while spinning bristles can permanently scuff your paint and chrome trim.